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Suggested Reading time: 3 days

Category: Self-help

The book is a simple narrative between a dying professor, Morrie Schwartz, and his student, Mitch Albom. The book during its course covers most aspects of life and the views of the dying professor are offered on these.

The author of book, through a TV show, discovers how is former professor is dying from an ailment named ALS. The author, all of sudden is rendered workless due to a strike, and hence are born the circumstantial conditions for his visits to his professor’s house. He does so by visiting his professor on a single Tuesday but ends up continuing this process over a period of 14 such ones. During the course of these Tuesday’s, the author and Morrie discuss various facets of life, ranging from those of the world to those of personal nature.

All in all, this book puts into words all the things we are thinking about but not really bring out in the open for discussion and consumption. There are times while reading this book, as a reader, you are being preached a bit more than required, but I guess that is one aspect all self help books suffer from.

All in all, decent stuff to read, and in a language which is pretty easy. A good start for beginners.

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