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Turgid vs Turbid – Confused between Turgid or Turbid?

Want to learn the difference between Turgid and Turbid? Turgid vs Turbid is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference between these two words.We teach you when to use Turgid and when to use Turbid.


Word 1: Turbid (TUR bid)
Meaning 1: Cloudy, opaque and unclear in nature.
Example Sentence: The turbidity of the drinking water should not be more than 5 NTU.

Word 2: Turgid (TUR jid)
Meaning 1: Containing more water than usual; swollen or plumped up.
Example Sentence:If turgid raisins are kept in a concentrated sugar or salt solution, the water is separated as the raisin shrinks.

Meaning 2: Something that is difficult to understand; characterized by a manner that is extremely embellished.
Example Sentence:CAT usually comprises turgid unseen passages and eclectic reading is a must to crack the exam.

Example Sentence using both words:
Last year when I visited the UK, I saw the turgid waters of river Thames. The water was very clear and not turbid at all.

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