According to this ad, what matters is the timing of the advice. What if one had received the right guidance at the right time, in other words the right tutelage at the right time.

Masters Tip for Tutelage:

TUTELAGE: A TUTOR’s AGE is a symbol of his tutelage.

Tutelage is derived from the Latin ‘tutel’, a root for the word tutelage.

Tutelage, for us, becomes the knowledge of the tutor that is imparted to the pupil.

Dictionary Definitions for Tutelage:

1. The act of guarding, protecting, or guiding; office or function of a guardian; guardianship. (noun)

2. Instruction; teaching; guidance. (noun)

3. The state of being under a guardian or a tutor. (noun)

Usage Examples for Tutelage:

1. His knowledge of mathematics increased under sincere tutelage.

2. The fate of a pupil is determined by the tutelage he receives from his master.

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