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Tweak vs Tweet vs Twit vs Twitter – Confused when to use Tweak, Tweet, Twit, or Twitter?

Want to learn the difference Tweak, Tweet,Twit and Twitter? Tweak vs Tweet vs Twit vs Twitter is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference among these three words.
We teach you when to use Tweak, Tweet,Twit and Twitter.


Word 1: Tweak (TWEEK)
Meaning 1: To twist, pull or pinch something sharply.
Example Sentence:My teacher would tweak my ear as a punishment for not completing the homework.

Meaning 2: To make fine adjustments.
Example Sentence: We should work harder on innovative ways to tweak our software system.

Word 2: Tweet(TWEET)
Meaning 1: A short high pitched sound usually made by a bird.
Example Sentence: The sweet and gentle tweets of the birds in the morning sounds very pleasant.

Meaning 2: A post that can be updated on a micro blogging application.
Example Sentence: The tweets of Dr. Shashi Tharoor are quite thought provoking.

Word 3: Twit (TWIK)
Meaning 1: To blame, ridicule or tease someone usually in a good humoured way.
Example Sentence: The police officer twitted me for having let the conman fool me so easily.

Meaning 2: A silly, foolish or annoying person.
Example Sentence: Sam is a big twit as his statements are hackneyed and unsubstantiated.

Word 4: Twitter (TWIT tuhr)
Meaning 1: To make high pitched, short sounds. (Verb)
Example Sentence: My pet parrot would twitter throughout the day.

Meaning 2: The high pitched sounds that birds make.
Example Sentence: The bird’s twitter in the morning is very pleasant and soothing.

Meaning 3: To be in a state of excitement or nervous tension.
Example Sentence: Kelly was in a twitter as she was about to meet her favourite superstar.

Meaning 4: A social media application.
Example Sentence: I installed twitter yesterday and have tweeted 10 times since then.

Example Sentence using all the words:
Joshua is a big twit as all he does is tweet all day on twitter speaking ill of his mother. The other day while he was doing it on a tweeter, his mother came and tweaked his ear hard and dragged him inside.

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