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Types of Numbers: Part-1

In this first article of our topic ‘Numbers’, we deal with ‘Numbers’ themselves. What are numbers? Where do we see and meet them? Are they of different types? Can we learn these distinct types of numbers?

Well, numbers are all around us, floating all over the place. They demand our attention and careful evaluation. A number here or there can make a huge difference. In fact a misplaced zero or decimal is the difference between one being poor or rich.

Such being their importance, it is critical we begin with the most basic concepts in Mathematics: types of numbers. But before we do that, let’s define what is a number line:

Number line:A number line is line where all the numbers are allocated their positions. The origin of the number line starts from zero and it continues to infinity, on either side.

Few Basic Types of Numbers

Positive Numbers : Numbers which are to the right of zero are said to be positive numbers.

For example 1, 3 ,1.2 , 2.6 , 7 etc.

Negative Numbers : Numbers which are to the left of zero are said to be negative numbers.

For example -1, -5 , -7.2 , -2.5 , -9 etc.

Counting Numbers:Counting numbers are those numbers which are well managed on the number line with the difference of 1. The smallest counting number on the number line is 1.

Natural Numbers: Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11…and so on are called natural numbers. They are also called positive integers. Also we can say that the other name for counting numbers is natural numbers.The lowest natural number is 1.

Whole Numbers:Whole numbers are numbers without fractions, they take integral values. Whole numbers are those numbers which start from 0 or we can say if 0 is included in set of counting numbers (natural numbers) then we get set of whole numbers.Remember whole numbers would always take non- negative integral values

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