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Mnemonic Tip to Learn Underwrite

The meaning of the word is somewhat clear from the word itself-underwrite or write under; a document or a financial statement to guarantee something .

An underwriter refers to a person typically works for a lender and helps them by going over all the required paperwork and giving the final approval for a loan. So the verb underwrite means to sign one’s name under an official document so as to give a guarantee. The term is generally used is case of insurance policies or financial loans.

Pronunciation: uhn-der-rahyt

Meanings of Underwrite

1. To write under or at the foot of something,especially some written material
2.to show agreement with or to support by or as if by signingone’s name to, as a statement or decision.
3. to sign one’s name ,as to a document
4. To act as an underwriter,especially to issue an insurance policy
5.Gurantee financial support of or sale of

Sentence examples for Underwrite:

1. They have a requirement for experienced mortgage underwriters to deal with their expanding case load.
2. But the tour went ahead when promoter Michael Coppel stepped in to underwrite it.
3. The insurance cover secured by bioprogress will also underwrite other elements of the costs, damages are yet to be assessed.

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