[raw]Unguent is very commonly used when you get yourself hurt. Yet, Unguent is an uncommon name that no one takes.

Its first known usage dates back to 14th-15th Century. It is derived from the word unguentum, which was derived from unguere, which means to anoint.

Pronunciation: uhng-gwuhnt

The dictionary definitions for unguent are as follows:
1. An ointment or salve, usually liquid or semi-liquid for application to wounds. (noun)
2. A salve for soothing or healing. (noun)
3. Semisolid or liquid balm that is applied on wounds for healing. (noun)

Master tip to learn unguent:
Unguent can be associated with the word pungent not only due to the same sound, but also because an unguent usually comes with a pungent smell.

Unguent can be used in following ways:
1. Neosprin unguent is an antibiotic.
2. Unguent usually comes with a pungent smell.
3. Unguent is a very uncommon name for ointment.
4. Apply unguent after washing this wound, you will feel better.

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