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Picture for UniversalMnemonic Tip to Learn Universal

Universal is quite similar to universe and universe means comprising everything .So, relate universal to universe ,meaning a thing applicable to everything or suitable for all.

Universal describes something for everything or everyone. Like a universal remote can change the stations on all your home entertainment systems,a universal design is an architectural design that accommodates everyone.
The uni in universal means “one” so this word is all about “one for all and all for one.” If it’s universal, it applies to all cases. Like the universe itself, a universal emotion is one that every human can understand or relate to. The desire for your children to be safe and happy is universal. If you are to make a universal change in a document it means that every time the specified word appears, it should be fixed.


Meanings of Universal

1. of,pertaining to,extending to or characteristic of all or the whole(universal experience)
2. applicable or common to all purposes ,conditions
3. of or relating to the universe (cosmic)
4. a behavioral convention / pattern characteristic of all members of a particular culture or of all human beings
5. a thing adjustable to many uses or sizes
6.present everywhere

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