Picture for vehementlyVehemently is an adverb and is a descriptive reference to acting with great intensity, energy or force.
It was first used back around 1475 and has been derived from the Latin word vehemns.

Pronunciation: vee-uh-muhnt-li

Meanings of Vehemently

1. Marked by or full of vigor or energy
2. Characterized by arising from or marked by impetuosity of feeling or passion; ardent

Master’s Tip to Learn Vehemently

Just remember that whenever someone accuses you of something that you have not done, you oppose their accusation vehemently and decide to keep you reputation intact. That is you oppose those accusation with all the energy and intensity you have.

Sentence examples for Vehemently:

1. The proposal has faced vehement opposition from many board members.
2. He has opposed the accusation vehemently so far.
3. Many people vehemently accuse the authorities of doing little toimprove their lot

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