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Picture for VestigeMnemonic Aid to learn the word Vestige :

The easiest way to learn the word is to think of the word ‘in-vestigate’. In detective stories only on investigating we find traces or remains of things. Vestige has a similar meaning and can be understood with the help of the word investigate.

Meanings of the word Vestige :

1. A visible trace, evidence, or sign of something that once existed but exists or appears no more.
2. In biology it means a rudimentary or degenerate, usually nonfunctioning, structure that is the remnant of an organ or part that was fully developed or functioning in a preceding generation or an earlier stage of development.

Pronunciation : ves-tij

Sentence examples for vestige :

1.He retains some vestiges of his native heritage.
2. Jalian wala bagh has the vestige of our colonial past.
3. His childhood home haunted him because it had vestige of the brutality that he’d faced.

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