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Mnemonic Aid to Learn Viable:

This word is really ‘viable’ with respect to mnemonic aids.
Just so many of them can be built for it.
Here are a few:
Viable = Via + Able = adopt the way (via the root means way) that is able, that is possible.

Viable = SurVIVABLE = Able to be survived

Viable = Viv (root for life) + ABLE = that is something for which life can be breathed into, that is it can be made to happen.

The last mnemonic for this one:
ViaBLE = PossiBLE

We are done for viable now!

Meaning of Viable:

1. Capable of living, developing, or germinating under favorable conditions.
2. Capable of living outside the uterus. Used of a fetus or newborn.
3. Capable of success or continuing effectiveness; practicable.

Pronunciation: vahy-uh-buhl

Sentence Examples for Viable:

1. Viable methods of business are hard to find for start-ups.
2. Business is all about economic viability.
3. Arranged marriages are not the most viable solution for most but then people are not left with any choice, are they?

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