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Picture for VindicateMnemonic aid for the word vindicate :

To learn the word vindicate one requires a little concentration. You need to split the word into 3 parts as vin(WIN)+ di(THE)+ cate(CASE). To win a case one needs to clear oneself of all the accusations laid on him which is the exact meaning of vindicate.

Meanings of the word Vindicate :

1. To clear of accusation, blame, suspicion, or doubt with supporting arguments or proof.
2.To provide justification.
3. To defend against opposition

Pronunciation : vin-di-keyt

Sentence examples for vindicate:

1. He took the matter to court to vindicate his honor.
2. Since everyone had believed I was the culprit, I felt vindicated by Jonathan’s arrest for the crime.
3. I hope to vindicate my client and return him to society as a free man.

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