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Name a Vocabulary resource and we have it for you in this section: Visual Vocabulary, Word Roots, Blogs & Resources, Spelling Tests, and even vocabulary stories.
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Visual Vocabulary

Visual Aids go a long way in helping you learn words. Our visual vocabulary section combines the best visual content with engaging content to help you learn words easily. Refer to the LEARN WORDS section below.


Word Roots

Word roots help you understand the origin of words and along with that, also help you learn multiple words from the same clue. Refer to the WORD ROOTS section to employ this method of learning.


Along with our two flagship sections for learning, we have a variety of blogs, articles, and resources to help you learn words. Refer to the 6 different sections below to explore these diverse word explorations.

Start your Vocabulary Quest with our Awesome Sections:

Vocabulary Daily

VOCABULARY: How to learn words?

  1. Do not make it a chore/tiresome activity

The first and foremost thing is that Word Learning should not become a chore and should not be a tiresome activity. Enjoy the process of learning words and enjoy the time you invest in learning new words. For this, use methods that are genuinely stimulating and help you connect with words.

  1. Discover your method of learning words

Each one of us is different and we have our own methods of learning new words. Explore different methods of learning words and identify what works for you. You can employ any one of the following methods:

– Learn words through pictures and visuals
– Learn words through contexts and build your own flashcards
– Use videos and guided assistance to learn words
– Use mnemonics and memory tricks/associations to learn words
– Use Word Roots to explore the origin of words and use these as memory hooks.

  1. Set yourself achievable goals and targets

The key to learning anything is to learn in small increments and commit to the process. Identify the method that works for you and set yourself an achievable goal to complete daily. You can start with 2 to 3 new words a day and gradually build your vocabulary.

For awesome content and the above methods, you can use Wordpandit for sure. Sample some of our Visual Vocabulary posters below.

picture for hirsute
picture for coiffure
picture for Barefaced
picture for domineering
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