Picture for VogueIf you follow current fashion trends then you must have heard of magazine called “Vogue India”. It is India’s best women’s fashion magazine offering access to latest fashion news, trends, accessories & lifestyle news. What does vogue mean? It means something in fashion at a particular time or something very popular. It can use with anything which has recently become popular .e .g. book, particular hair cut.

Pronunciation: vohg

Meanings of vogue

1. Something in fashion, as at a particular time
2. Popular currency, acceptance, or favor
3. Popularity
4. The prevailing fashion, practice, or style

Master’s Tip to Learn vogue

Provogue is one of the biggest retail apparel brands in India which everyone is aware of .In provogue outlet popular apparels & accessories which are in fashion are available. So we can associate word vogue which means popular & something in fashion to provogue brand.

Sentence examples for vogue1.

1. The book is having a great vogue
2. Hoop skirts were once the vogue.
3. It is very in vogue to add designs and decorations on polished fingernails

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