picture vocabulary of volubleSome people are gifted with words, they have a way with words that never fails to convince anyone about the subject that they are talking about. Well, volubility is nothing, but this ability to be fluent with words. Its first known usage dates back to 1565-75. It is used as an adjective.

Pronunciation: vol-yuh-buhl

The dictionary definitions for voluble are as follows:

1) Someone characterised by a prepared and incessant flow of speech

2) Someone fluent/smooth with words

3) Loquacious/talkative person

4) Something turning easily on axis (old usage)

Master tip to learn voluble:

Voluble can be learnt by associating it with the word volume, as the first half of both the words .i.e. ‘volu’ is similar. Also, person having a huge volume of words in his/her repertoire is voluble.

Voluble can be used in the following ways:

1) He is a voluble man. (Adjective)

2) His volubility makes him the right man for this job. (Noun)

3) Volubleness in a person is always required when dealing with people. (Noun)

4) He volubly spoke n the topic and left everyone else in the room speechless. (Adverb)

5) He is voluble by nature. (Adjective)

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