Picture for WanWhen we see old people, we see their freckled faces and one which are wan. Wan means unnaturally pale.

Pronunciation: won

Meanings of Wan

1. Unnaturally pale, as from physical or emotional distress.
2. To become pale
3. Suggestive or indicative of weariness, illness, or unhappiness;

Master’s tip to learn Wan:

We can understand wan as wan rhymes with maruti van. She liked to travel in a Scorpio but she is traveling in a van, so she is pale.

Sentences examples for Wan:

1. Through the frayed curtain at my window, a wan glow announces the break of day.
2. She now seemed very happy to see a friendly (albeit wan) face.
3. His hair seemed grayer, his face wan.
4. His hair seemed grayer, his face wan.
5. He walked stiffly, looking wan and serious.

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