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Meaning, Sentences, Synonyms and Antonyms for Wayfarer

The way of a wayfarer: The video below is about a free spirit, one who wanders from place to place, an exploration without constraints. What would you to give to be a free spirit such as this? Travelling from one place to another, without any restraint in place? I would almost give anything.

Wayfarer. A wayfarer is a pedestrian who walks from place to place, in others words exploring the ways along the way. It is synonymous with traveler who embarks on a long journey, as our main character in the advert does. The definitions of the words are given below to help you out with it.

Sentence/quote for wayfarer

Pronunciation: wey-fair-er

Meaning of Wayfarer

1. Travelling from place to place, especially for work.
2. Alternating between working and wondering, for example farm hands.
3. A person who alternates between working and wandering.
4. A person who travels from place to place, especially for duty or business.
5. A pedestrian who walks from place to place.
6. A traveler going on a trip.


Example Sentences for Wayfarer

1. Sales representative of companies are wayfarer travelers.
2. The life of a wayfarer, though attractive, can be very tough indeed.


drifter, gadabout, gypsy, knockabout, rambler, roamer, rover, stroller, vagabond, wanderer, nomad


homebody; denizen, dweller, habitant, inhabitant, resident, settler

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