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National Political

1. An under construction flyover in Kolkata’s Vivekananda road has collapsed killing over 25 and injuring atleast 100 people. The firm IVRCL of Hyderabad who was engaged in the construction of the bridge has called the bridge collapse as an ‘Act of God’. West Bengal government arrests the top managers of IVRCL for negligence and culpable homicide.
2. PM Modi at a dinner hosted by President Obama on the occasion of the nuclear security summit meet in Washingtonemphasized that the terrorists do not belong to a particular region or a belt, but are a problem for the world which faces the biggest danger of slippage of nuclear arsenal into terrorist hands. PM Modi was on his second stop during the 3 nation visit.
The Prime Minister concludes his visit to Saudi Arabia by inviting them to invest in Indian economy. He has been honored with the highest civilian title of Saudi Arabia. Pacts on increasing trade and dismantling of terror network wherever it exists were concluded with Saudi Arabia.
3. The first phase of polling to the Assam and Bengal legislatures has been conducted peacefully. An increased voter turnout as compared to the past election was there.
4. Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed has taken over as J&K chief minister. Nirmal Singh of the BJP is the deputy chief minister. A 22 member team was also sworn in having 8 cabinet ministers each from the PDP and the BJP. The other juniorministerswere also sworn in in the same ratio.
5. The government forms a multiagency probe team to investigate the Panama Papers leak on money laundering in offshore accounts of atleast 500 Indian entities including prominent industrialists, film stars, businessmen and politicians. Panama is a Central American Republic which joins the North and South America along with Mexico and Guatemala. The Panama Canal which runs through this country joins the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean for maritime purposes.

International News

1. President Jacob Zuma of South Africa has been ordered to pay back a part of $16 million of state money spent by him on upgrading his scrolling private residence at Nkandla by the South African Supreme Court 11 judge constitutional bench in Johannesburg.
2. In the nuclear security summit meet underway in Washington, US President Obama warns terrorist organizations like Al-Qaida, ISIS who can misuse nuclear weapons. Reduction in stock piles of nuclear weapons with particular emphasis on India-Pakistan sub continent and the development of military doctrines to prevent their misuse formed the theme of the summit.
3. China thwarts India’s case at U.N. for declaration of Pakistan’s Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) head MasoodAzhar as a terrorist by getting the matter on technical hold, as according to them, it did not meet the requirements to blacklist him.
4. Flash floods as a result of very heavy rains in Pakistan’sPakhtunwa province kill atleast 50 people along with huge loss of property.
5. In the run up to the American Presidential elections, the Wisconsin Primary was taken by Ted Cruz of Republicans and Bernie Senders of Democrats. The front runners of both the parties Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton met with reverses.
6. Brazilian Vice President Michel Temer faces impeachment proceedings as ordered by a Supreme Court Judge on account of manipulation of the budget. The President,DilmaRousseff is already facing such proceedings.

Business News

1. Nikkei India composite PMI output index for manufacturing and services sectors was at a high of 54.3 for March against 51.2 in February. This indicates a growth in manufacturing and services sector which is also indicated by government’s tax collection and budget deficit numbers.
2. Tesla’s model 3 electric car made a booking début internationally by raking in 2 lakh pre orders in 24 hours.
The company received 232 million dollar in cash deposit and $8 billion worth of orders. The first delivery of the car priced at a base price of 35,000 dollar is scheduled for late 2017. The car shall have a range of 344 kilometers after recharge, seating capacity of 5 and an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 6 seconds.

3. RBI cuts the reported by 25 basis points there by making loans and advances cheaper to that extent.
4. A US judge approves a settlement deal of $20 billion to be paid to US by Petro Giant BP as damages for a 2010 oil spill in Gulf of Mexico. An offshore rig explosion had occurred in which 11 workers got killed and resulted in 134 million gallon oil spill.

Science and Technology

1. A mysterious hidden planet code named Planet 9 at the edge of our solar system may be responsible for meteorite/comet showers on earth, causing extinction of life on earth. The extinction of life on earth occur about in a cycle of 27 million years – attributed to planet 9. This planet may be 10 times bigger than earth and 1000 time away from our Sun than we are. As it passes through kuiper belt an area full of ice objects every 27 million years, it knocks comets towards earth and the inner solar system.
2. In US, 7 million people are vulnerable to man made quakes, created from activities like waste water disposal, gas and oil production which expand the fault lines as per US geological survey.


1. The T-20 Cricket World Cup has been won by West Indies. They defeated England who could manage to score 155 runs for 9 wickets in 20 overs. The West Indies scored 161 runs for the loss of 6 wickets in 19.4 overs to take the Championships.
2. In a West Indian duo, their women also won the first Women T-20 World Cup at Calcutta by beating the Aussies by 8 wickets. Australia 148 for 5 wickets in 20 over and West Indies made 149 for 2 wickets to clinch the title.
3. Pakistan’sall-rounder cricketerShahidAfridi has quit the T-20 captaincy after wide spread criticism of his team performance in the T20 world cup.
4. In theEuropean soccer’s Champion trophy quarter finals soccer clubs Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid 2-1, and Bayern Munich beat Benfica 1-0.

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