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National News
1. Indian efforts to get into the Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSG) have ended in a noughtin spite of support from U.S., most of the European Countries, Australia and Canada. China was the main opponent, and Brazil, Turkey, Austria, South Africa and New Zealand expressed reservations on the membership issue. They wanted thecomplete and effective implementation of Non-Proliferation Treaty by Indiato become a member of NSG.
2. In a daytime ambush by LET terrorists on a CRPF bus carrying Jawans after a firing practice at Pampore on outskirts of Srinagar, 8 CRPF men killed and 22 injured. Two LET terrorists killed in retaliatory fire by CRPF personnel.
3. Mehbooba Mufti, PDP leader and J&K C.M. takes home the Anantnag assembly seat in a by-election securing 60% of the votes polled, totalling 17698 votes.
4. P.M. Modi in an interview to Times Now news channel did not appreciate BJP M.P. Subramaniam Swamy’s Twitter campaign against RBI Governer RaghuRam Rajan and top finance ministry officials.He was quite candidin the talk show about relations with Pakistan and China, Augusta Westland helicopter probe, inflation and foreign policy.
5. India joins Missile Control Regime (MTCR)as its 35th member. MTCR aims to limit thespread of ballistic missiles and unmanned delivery of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. It commits to restrict theexport of rockets with warfare delivery system upto 300 kms and 500 Kilogram payload.
6. The Union Government accepts 7thPay Commission report and shall announce its implementation date. Salaries and allowances of existing staff and pensionersshallbe hiked by23.55%. Central Govt. employee unions are not happy with the raise and have given a call for strike.
7. NIA has busted an ISIS terror module in Hyderabad. Five ultras arrested and six others detained including a techie. Pistols, cell phones and Rupees 15 lakh in cash recovered from them. They werein touch with ISIS,Syria.

International News
1. North Koreaconducts a successful test of a powerful new medium-range missile, posing a direct threat to the US military installations in thePacific Ocean. Test Witnessed and acclaimed by North Korean leader Kim Jon Un.
2. In a major upheaval, Britain has voted in a referendum to exit the European Union by 52% to 48% votes polled. Britain joined EU block 40years ago. The world currency and stock markets slide on the news, whereas the US. Dollar and Japanese Yen strengthen. Britain’s banks take a dollar 2 trillion battering, the single one day sharpest loss. British Prime Minister Cameron to quit as an aftermath of Brexit poll. Ripples of domino effect are feared as nation’s like Greecemay follow suit. Nigel Farage of UK Independence Party had been pursuing this goal of Brexit for 25 years. Anti- immigration backlash has been presumed. Voters in this Brexit referendum have cut across party lines and voted as per their conscience.
3. Obama administration recognises India as a major defence partner, thus opening floodgates of latest Americantechnologies as available to majorUS treaty allies. This is theoutcome of PM Modi’s recent visit to the US and his meeting with President Obama.
4. Spain has elected Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s ruling Conservative party with 137 seats, 14 more than that in December last year, but still short ofabsolute majority in 350 seatparliament.Rajoy,thus has toseek thesupport of business friendly party Cludadanos, which came fourth with 32 seats. The principle opposition –Socialist party came in with 85 seats.
5. Suicide bombers target Istanbul Airport, Turkey, 41 killed and 239 wounded. Turkey is a part of U.S. led coalition against ISIS. The city of Istanbul falls in Europe whereas rest of Turkey is in Asia.
6. Tehreek-e-Taliban HakimullaMasood group gunned down Amjad Sabri, one of the renowned Sufi and Qawal singer in Karachi, Pakistan. Taliban is against of any form of Sufism.

1. Global markets recover from the Brexit shock that had tumbled the markets World over. European Stocks gain 3%. India sees a muted Brexit effect and resurges with Nifty (Benchmark Index) closing above 8300, its highest in 2016.
Science and Technology
India launches 20 satellites in a single mission from Sriharikota Satish Dhawan Space Centre on a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLVC-34. 13 of the satellites were from the U.S. which include 12 earth imaging Done satellites including Sky Sat Gen-2 of a Google-ownedcompany, two Canadian, one from Germany and Indonesia each. Three Indian Satellite are of Cartosat -2 series for coastal land use regulationmaps, utility management, road network monitoring, water distribution and land information systems.
2. Bertrand Piccard completes the Solar Impulse 2 flight across the Atlantic taking 70 hours from New York to Seville in Spain.
3. DRDO Naval Science and Technological labs havedeveloped an antisubmarine torpedo 1.25 tonnes in weight,which can carry 255 kgs explosive at a speed of 40 nautical miles.

Soccer: Copa America
• Chile is the new Copa America Champions beating Argentina in the penalty shootout in the finals.
• In the Copa America soccer tournament, Chile defeat Columbia 2-0 at Chicago in the semi-finals. Argentina defeats U.S. 4-0 to set up a final tie with Chile.
• World’s acclaimed soccer playerLionel Messi’s penalty miss cost Argentina dear. He quits International football at the age of 29 years apportioning the loss blame to himself.
• Columbia down U.S 1-0 to finish third in the tournament.

2. Cricket
Anil Kumble was unanimously selected for a one-year term as team India coach by a panel having Sachin Tendulkar, Saurabh Ganguly, VVS Laxman, BCCI president Anurag Thakur and Secretary Ajay Shirke as its members.

3. Rio Olympics Qualification
Indian Boxers Vikas Krishan (75 kg) and Manoj Kumar (64 kg) win the bronze medals at International Boxing Association (AIBA) World Qualifying tournament at Baku in Azerbaijan.
Both of them are through to the Rio Olympics as a part of the Indian contingent.

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