Where is the washroom?

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The year 2005-an incredible year for me.I was going to spend my vacation in London-a dream come true.It was an astounding moment when i got the news from my parents.I would be finally visiting skyscrapers and all posh locations that had been only seen in movies.I would finally get a chance to boast about something to my classmates and friends.

It was a great experience and one of the most unforgettable parts of the trip was a party that i had to go to along with my cousin. The ambiance was really awesome,but not for me.I was a total stranger there ,with several hundred foreigners around.And i was the most callow person in the whole crowd. And to make it worse,my cousin just disappeared and i was left there -all alone in a party full of inebriated people.

And while i was uneasily sitting there looking around, a person with personality like the hulk approached me.I do not know what made him think that i was a garrulous person ,but he just came and said something to me .I didn’t understand a word ,his speech was a complete babble to me. I was just 14, and really bad at English.I just nodded in response to his statements but soon I realized that he was asking me a question, he paused, staring at me for a reply.It was an awkward moment and his hulk figure added to my uneasiness.

Being a shy fellow , a little scared and unable to think of anything to do ,I just made a dash for the door leaving the big fellow in a bewildered state. With a  little difficulty and  lot of walking I managed to find the  way back to my place. Too tired to wait for my brother ,I dozed off. Next morning ,my brother who had witnessed the whole runaway activity of mine told me that the guy was asking, “Please can you tell me where is the washroom?”

Words to be learn from the story above:
1. incredible
2. astounding
3. callow
4. inebriated
5. hulk
7. babble
8. hulk
9. bewildered.

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Note: the purpose of this post is to highlight the Contextual use of words through story writing. Words here are being used in contexts to help everyone understand usage and meaning.

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