Who is Wordpandit?

Learn about the person who is behind Wordpandit and his reasons for running Wordpandit.


This is the Story of Wordpandit

Hi there.

I am Prashant Chadha, a graduate engineer from Punjab Engineering College and founder of Wordpandit. Over the last 6 years, I have had a wonderful opportunity of connecting with thousands of you through Wordpandit. With my keen interest in academics, a desire to explore technology and a strong urge to make a difference to the lives of others, I made the switch from a career in Civil Engineering to one in training and online education. In short, my deep and abounding love for reading and books made sure I could only do something that is concerned with helping others develop their language skills. In fact, my story should connect and resonate with some of you: ultimately, you need to do something that defines you and answers your calling in life. Essentially, Wordpandit is born out of my passion for learning and what started as an exercise for collecting word pictures has evolved into something that helps students and learners learn multiple skills.

Wordpandit, to begin with, started as a Vocabulary blog and was all about sharing my insights as a Verbal Ability trainer. Over the course of time, it has evolved into a test-prep solution. During this period of time, we have added multiple laterals for learning and now we offer a complete learning solution.

Why should you follow Wordpandit?

Now that you have some basic information about me, there are some questions that should come to your mind:

  • Why should you follow Wordpandit and learn through the content that Wordpandit offers?
  • Why should you follow my advice for your exam preparation and skill building?

Well, the answer to the first question is simple: our content speaks for itself. We cover everything important and in the most innovative way possible. These should be sufficient reasons for you to use Wordpandit.

The answer to the second question actually requires some more details about me. Let’s dig into these facts:

    • I started training students in the year 2008 and over the course of 10 years, I have trained more 10000 students for CAT and other aptitude exams. This figure only counts the number of people I have taught in the classroom; it excludes those who learnt through Wordpandit.
    • I took CAT for the first time in the year 2006 and since then, I have taken the exam multiple times. In the CAT Verbal Ability section, I have scored 99+ percentile 8 times. Click on the links below to view my three most recent CAT Scorecards:
      CAT-2016 Scorecard
      CAT-2015 Scorecard
      CAT-2014 Scorecard
    • Most importantly, the innovation that drives different sections of Wordpandit is my brainchild. These sections offer sufficient proof of my training abilities, don’t they?

    Just one small point: I have had to think a lot whether I wanted to put up my personal scorecards but in the end, just wanted to validate my claims with actual proof. Kindly note there is no bragging involved and in fact, for a trainer to achieve these scores is a demand of his job. You need to walk the talk, right?

    My Key Beliefs with respect to learning:

    As far as learning is concerned, I just follow some key beliefs:

    • You need to have a reason for learning. Without a reason or purpose, it is tough to learn. One of the simplest reasons to learn is to improve one’s skills. Things can be as simple as this.
    • There is no substitute for putting in the hours. Hard work trumps everything else ultimately.
    • Learning happens best when you share what you know. Cloistering or not sharing your knowledge with the world does not help; sharing creates an ecosystem for learning collectively and this is one of the core principles Wordpandit is based upon.

    Let’s have a look at the lighter side as well:

    Well, the above does paint me in a serious academic light. Well, don’t worry, I do have some interests as well:

    • Die for Sufi Poetry
    • Madly in love with Coke Studio
    • Love House Music
    • Foodie to the core: up for any cuisine, anytime!
    • Like to say I like to travel but actually travel very little; lazybones I guess..:)
    • Binge-watch Netflix series..:)
    • Like a lot of people, I am interested in photography. Have a DSLR that I never use. If I do use it, generally click butterflies using the auto mode on the camera. Says everything about my photography skills, doesn’t it..:)
    • And yes, I read a lot. My and first forever love..:). I started visiting libraries when I was in class 4 and have never managed to stop ever since then.

    Well, this completes my introduction. Hope you have learnt something useful about me..:)

    Hope you have a great learning experience with us..:)

    Happy Learning

    Prashant Chadha



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