Word power made easy: Session 3

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In the first post of this series, we did a basic review of the book ‘Word Power Made Easy’. From this post onwards we would be taking some of his most interesting sessions and providing a brief distillation of the same. Today we have session 3 under our lens.

In the first post, we covered the words related to hands from this chapter. Today, we cover the words of hatred. The first of our hatred words is MISOGYNY. Have a look at the cartoon piece below:

Well, you would have a sense of what the word means by now: women hater.

Misogyny comes from the Greek roots, misein and gyne. Misein means to hate and gyne means women (always remember a gynaecologist: a doctor that treats female disorders). If we combine the two, we get the combination: hate women. This is exactly what misogynists do.

Out learning does not stop here, as we learn a few more words based on the root: misein.

Two words that word power provides us:

Misanthrope: a combination of misein and anthrope. Now anthropos means mankind, the same anthropos makes an appearance in anthropology (The social science that studies the origins and social relationships of human beings).

Misogamy: We know the first half of the word, know lets add the second: gamy comes from gamos, which means marriage. So the word is in fact quite simple: a misogamist hates marriage. The same gamos makes an appearance in these words: monogamy means the practice of one marriage, bigamy means the practice of two marriages and polygamy means the practice of multiple marriages.

Well, that does us provide us with some insightful information but is that all? What is the point of this article if we are only going to learn the words that word power made easy teaches us. well, we do not stop here. We add 6 words of our, based on the root misein: our favourite mantra is applicable here, multiply your learning through roots.

1. Misocainea: Hatred of new ideas

2. Misocynist: Someone who hates dogs.

3. Misology: Hatred of reasoning

4. Misoneism: Hatred of change or innovation

5. Misopedia: Hatred of children

6. Misotheism: Hatred of God

Each of the above words is a combination of further roots. For example, the last word, misotheism. Now theism comes from the root theo, which means god. So we have various words related to theo, such as:

1. Theist: One who believes in the existence of a god or gods

2. Atheist: One who does not believe in the existence of a god or gods

3. Theology: Rational/systematic study of religion.

4. Theocracy: A form of government based on religion.

Thus, from one branch of knowledge, we jump to another.

The second last word on the list is misopedia. This is based on the root paedo, pedo which means children. Hence, the word means hatred of children.

In case you wish to explore all words related to children, do explore the page:


It provides a wonderful list of words that are used with context to children.

With this we come to end to explore this session of ‘Word power made easy’. We would be exploring other sessions soon. Stay tuned.

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