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Definition & Meaning: Word Root Biblio

The word root ‘biblio’ comes from the Greek word biblion that means ‘book’. For instance, the word bibliophile means a book lover, where ‘phile’ is to love. This word can be broken down into two parts:
Biblio: Book
Phile: Lover/lover
Combining the two parts, we have:
Biblio+Phile=Someone who loves books

Words based on the root Biblio

An example sentence for the word Bibliophile

A local bibliopole was shown a bibliofilm that consisted of photographs of antique books.

Words based on the root Biblio

1. Biblioclast: One who destroys books
2. BIibliofilm: A microfilm consisting of photographs of books’ pages
3. Bibliography: List of books
4. Biblioklept: One who steals books
5. Bibliokleptomania: Uncontrollable desire to steal books
6. Bibliognost: One who is knowledgeable about books
7. Bibliolater: One who worships books, bibliophile
8. Bibliology: An account of books
9. Bibliomania: Madness for books
10. Bibliomancy: Foretelling the future by interpreting any passages from a book
11. Bibliometrics: Metrical analysis of books and other publications
12. Bibliopegy: The art of binding books
13. Bibliopole: One who buys and sells books
14. Bibliophage: A voracious reader, bookworm
15. Bibliophagia: Eating the pages of books
16. Bibliophile: One who is mad about books
17. Bibliophobia: Fear of books.
18. Bibliosoph: One who is particularly knowledgeable about books
19. Bibliotheca: A collection of books
20. Bibliotheraphy: Treatment of mental disorders with books

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