Definition & Meaning: Word Root Chron

The word root ‘chron’ means time, and it came from the Greek word khronos ‘time’. Thus, all words with this word root revolve around time.

Let’s have a look at the word chronic that is used to describe something lasting for a long time as in chronic drinker or chronic pain.

Here is an example sentence:
As a chronic romantic, he felt being an anachronism in the modern world.
In this case, the word root ‘chron’ and suffix ‘ic’ (that is usually used for forming adjectives) are taken.

Words based on the root Chron

Words based on the root Chron

1. Achronism: Timelessness
2. Anachronism: Existing out of its time in history
3. Chronicle: A record of historical events in order of time
4. Chronobiology: The study of the impact of time on animals
5. Chronograph: An instrument for recording time
6. Chronognosis: Perception of the passage of time
7. Chronology: The study of the time divisions
8. Chronometer: An instrument for measuring time
9. Chronometry: The study of accurate time measurement
10. Chronophobia: A fear of the time
11. Diachronic: Relating to something that has changed over time
12. Heterochronous: Appearing at different times
13. Isochronous: Taking equal time
14. Synchronise: To make something happen at the same time
15. Synchronist: Someone who lives at the same time with another
16. Synchrony: Something happening or moving at the same time

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