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Definition & Meaning: Word Root Circum

Circus is a prefix that comes from Latin circum ‘round’ and means about or around.
Let’s look at the word ‘circumscribe’ that refers to drawing a circle around an object or to limiting something or someone. While circum means around or about, scribe – to write, so in other words:
Circum: Around, about
Scribe: To write
Circum + Scribe=To draw a line around/limit

Example sentence:
The spaceship’s route was both circumterrestrial and circumlunar.

Words based on the root Circum

Words based on the root Circum

1. Circumduction: An act of swirling around
2. Circumference: Distance around an object’s edge
3. Circumfluent: Flowing around
4. Circumfuse: To pour liquid so that it is around something
5. Circumgenital: Around genital
6. Circumgyration: Swirling around itself
7. Circumjacent: Surrounding, being around something
8. Circumlocution: A roundabout; indirect way of speaking
9. Circumlunar: Around the Moon
10. Circummigration: moving around from place to place
11. Circummure: To build a wall around something
12. Circumnavigate: To go around
13. Circumplanetary: Around a planet
14. Circumspect: Cautious about everything
15. Circumstance: A fact that influences on an event or action
16. Circumterrestrial: Moving around the Earth
17. Circumvent: To find a way around, avoid obeying the law
18. Circumvolution: A movement of winding of something around another
19. Circumvolve: To wind about

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