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Definition & Meaning: Word Root Hyper

Hyper- means ‘too, over, excessive, beyond’. ‘Hyperactive’ is a word that start with the prefix hyper. You say ‘hyperactive’ about someone, who is too active and cannot relax. The prefix hyper- is a morpheme, thus, it cannot be divided. It is important to remember – prefixes begin words.

Example sentence:
Hyperactive kids sometimes experience hyper-wakefulness that turns their parents’ life into a nightmare.

Words based on Root Hyper

Words based on the root Hyper

1. Hyper-fit: Relating to someone who is fit beyond normal
2. Hyperbole: exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.
3. Hyperborean: Relating to inhabitants of the overly North
4. Hypercritical : Inclined to judge too severely
5. Hyperdontogency: Having beyond normal number of teeth
6. Hyperextend: Extend a limp or joint beyond normal limits
7. Hypergamy: Marrying someone whose class is beyond yours
8. Hyperirritability: A state of being too irritable
9. Hypermarket: A market that is too large that is usually located outside a town
10. Hyperpyrexia: The state when a body temperature is too high
11. Hyperreactive: Too reactive
12. Hyperreal: Too exaggerated rather than real
13. Hypersensitive: Too sensitive
14. Hypersimple: Too simple
15. Hypersonic: Relating to sound frequencies, which are over a thousand million hertz
16. Hyperspace: A space that has more/over three dimensions
17. Hypertension: A disorder in which blood pressure is too high
18. Hyperthermia: A condition when a body temperature is beyond normal
19. Hypertoxicity: Relating to excessively high toxicity
20. Hyperwakefulness: Staying awake too long and being unable to fall asleep

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