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Definition & Meaning: Word Root Icon/Icono

The word root icon/icono- comes from Greek eikon ‘likeness’ and, therefore, usually refers to an image or likeness. Interestingly, it can often be found before a vowel.
Learning the word ‘icon’ will enable you to understand any unknown words with the word root -icon.
It has three meanings: someone or something that acts as a symbol; a picture of Christ or any other saints; visual symbols on a computer screen.
Example Sentence:
Beyoncé is a living icon for millions of girls.
In the twentieth century, communists were infamous iconoclasts, who swept away any signs of the religious reverence they could find.

Words based on the root Icon

Words based on the root Icon/Icono

1. Aniconia: The absence of images/icons of a God or other saints in a religion
2. Aniconism: A hostility to images and idols
3. Icomaniac: Someone who is abnormally interested in images or even mad about them
4. Iconify: Make a smaller symbol or an image to make room on the screen
5. Iconize: Treat someone or something as an icon
6. Iconoclast: Someone who destroys religious images
7. Iconodule: Someone who upholds the religious images
8. Iconogenitor: Someone who created the images
9. Iconography: The visual images and symbols that represent someone or something
10. Iconolatry: To revere icons
11. Iconologist: An expert in analyzing and interpreting icons
12. Iconology: The study of visual images and their symbolic meanings
13. Iconomachy: Rejection or negative treatment of religious images
14. Iconomania: Someone who is infatuated with collecting images (icons in particular)
15. Iconomical: Hostile to images/icons and to the reverence to them
16. Iconophile: Someone who is obsessed with images, icons or illustrations
17. Iconophilia: Madness for images or icons
18. Iconophobe: Someone who is scared of images and might even despise them
19. Iconoplast: Someone who creates images or icons
20. Iconostasis: A screen that displays icons

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