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Definition & Meaning: Word Root Idio

The word root idio- comes from Greek idios meaning ‘own, distinct’, and it usually means personal, own, peculiar or distinct depending on the context.
Let’s have a look at the word ‘idiomatic’ that refers to something relating to or conforming to idiom (the usage or vocabulary that is characteristic of a specific group of people).
An example sentence:
Being friends with someone implies accepting their little idiosyncrasies.

Words based on the root Idio

Other words derived from the same root are:
1. Idiobiology: Biology that is peculiar to a particular organism
2. Idiogamy: Capable of self-fertilisation
3. Idioglossary: A glossary that is peculiar to a particular subject
4. Idiograph: A personal signature
5. Idiohypnotism: Hypnosis of oneself
6. Idiolalia: Using a self-invented language
7. Idiolatry: Worshiping oneself
8. Idiolect: Speaking in an own peculiar way: vocabulary or pronunciation
9. Idiom: Language that is distinct for a particular place or a group of people
10. Idiomatic: Using expressions that are peculiar to native speakers of that language
11. Idiomisma: A self-produced repugnant odour
12. Idiopathy: A disease that appears spontaneously and develops on its own
13. Idiorepulsive: Resenting oneself
14. Idiorrhenic: Something that is peculiar to the male sex
15. Idiospasm: A spasm that appears in a particular part of body
16. Idiosyncrasy: Peculiar trait to someone
17. Idiot: Someone who is distinct being low intelligent
18. Idiothelic: Peculiar to the female sex
19. Idiovariation: A mutation peculiar to a particular person
20. Idiozanthic: Peculiar to yellow races

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