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Definition & Meaning: Word Root Loc/Loq

The word root of this lesson is Loq/loc. What does it mean?

Let’s look at the word ’Loquacious’, which is derived from Loc/loq ‘to talk’. Its origins go back to the mid-17th century, from Latin word loqui ‘talk’. Thus, words with the word root loq/loc are about talking.

Example Sentences:
1. The loquacious and eloquent politician was favourite among journalists to interview.
2. His success as a manager was partly due to his eloquence and partly – grandiloquence that could persuade anyone.

Words based on the root Loc Loq

Words Based on the Word Root LOQ/LOC

1. Blandiloquent: Talking in a sweet voice
2. Circumlocution: Using more words than necessary in a talk
3. Colloquialism: A word that is used in an informal talk
4. Colloquium: A conversation or a talk
5. Elocution: The art of speaking/talking clearly
6. Eloquent: One who talks fluently.
7. Grandiloquent: One who talks pompously.
8. Interlocution: A dialogue or a talk
9. Lonqiloquence: Talking lengthily
10. Loquitur: A note that a character is to talk
11. Omniloquence: Talking about everything
12. Pleniloquence: Talking excessively
13. Soliloquy: An act of talking out loud to oneself in a play
14. Somiloquence: Talking in one’s sleep
15. Ventriloquism: Talking with inner voice, not moving the lips

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