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Word Roots

How to use Word Roots to Upgrade your Vocab Power?

What are Word Roots?

Word Roots are nothing else but the basic building blocks of words. Essentially you can break down every word into its constituent parts. These parts are stand for a certain meaning and when multiple parts are combined to a form a word, we have a new word with a new meaning. Essentially word roots are like the game of Lego. You can combine different building blocks in Lego to make a structure; similarly, you combine different word roots to arrive at the meaning of words.

Word Roots Complete List

Where do these Word Roots come from?
English is an amazing language: it has literally borrowed from every language on the planet and build words these assimilations from different languages. The two most common language sources for word roots in English are Greek and Latin. The reason for this is also obvious. These were the original languages of communication in the Western world and the foundation of English is built on these languages.

Example to explain how Word Roots operate

Word Root: Biblio

The root “Biblio” which refers to a “book” or “bibliophile. “Biblio” is a Greek word which also means “Bible”. The roots of the word originated from Greek word biblion, which means book. Remember, the term “the etymology (of a word)” means the origin of the particular word. On this single word root, multiple words are based in the English Language:

  1. Bibliotics: Examination or analysis of manuscripts in order to verify or authenticate the source of origin.
  2. Bibliographer: A learned person who is an expert in compiling bibliography.
  3. Bibliotherapy: The use of books and other reading materials used to assist a subject in solving personal problem
  4. Bibliopolists: A monger of rare second hand books which are usually rare.
  5. Bibliolatries: Extreme inclination and likings to books especially Bible.
  6. Bibliographic: A compilation of various information such as edition, authorship, issue date and various such information.
  7. Bibliomaniacs: A person who has a strong desire and extreme fondness to collect books.
  8. Bibliolatrous: Having faithful attachment to books, especially extreme devotion to Bible.
  9. Bibliophiles: Extreme fondness of books
  10. Bibliotheca: Collection of books or library.

As you can see from the example above, multiple words have been based on a single word root.

Word Roots Complete List

What is the power of Word Roots?
You can see from the example above that Word Roots possess the ability to teach you multiple words using a single source or association. Effectively, roots help you learn words related to a common theme and narrative. By learning the root of a particular word, you not only learn the word but also open up the possibility of learning multiple words using the same word root. This is the true power of word roots. If you use this well, you can build your vocabulary in the quickest possible time.

How should you learn using Word Roots?
Well, we have this problem sorted for you with our Word Roots section. In this section, we list word roots with their meaning and origin. Along with this, each word root article highlights the common words based on that particular root. You can use this section to expand your vocabulary and build on your word root knowledge.

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