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Wordnik forms the first review in the showcase section of Wordpandit and there is a good reason for it. In general, when it comes to using web dictionaries, we generally use or the free dictionary. But Wordpandit has taken to liking a different one: Wordnik.

The reasons are multiple for this choice. Have a look at the graphic below for the first set of benefits of this dictionary:

Things that work for Worknik:

1. Multiple Definitions for various sources for the same word

2. Bookmarking features such as list and discuss

3. Interactive approach where one can contribute the meanings and usage of the word

4. Sentence Examples, both culled from various resources and user-submitted.

This gives you the first set of benefits but wait, there is more to follow. Look below:

review for a dictionary

Well, the related words section in this website is absolutely awesome. If you a look above, you get synonyms, equivalents and same context words all at the same place. Along with that you get a reverse dictionary where the words are listed for which your searched word makes an appearance in the meaning.

All in all, this is one website that is absolutely awesome as a dictionary. Once you get hooked to using it, you would stick to it for sure. Also, it’s ‘word a day’ feature is pretty nifty. Happy learning.

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