Words based on the root ‘Phobia’-3

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The words based on ‘phobia’ just don’t seem to be coming to end. There are just so many of them and we got to cover each one of them. Here are some more words based on the same. My personal favorites are the first and third one.

1. Chrematophobia: fear of money. Well, what do you say to a person born to a wealthy family, but has chrematophobia and lives a spare life. The root word here is Greek word chrimata which means money.

2. Acrophobia: Fear of heights. So, if just the thought of going up to your terrace spooks you, you are definitely acrophobic.

3. Cynophobia: Fear of dogs. It is an extremely common specific phobia. Although snake and spider phobias are even more prevalent, the average person is far more likely to encounter dogs in his daily life. A phobia of dogs can be devastating, limiting the sufferer’s contact with dog-owning relatives and curtailing her normal activities.

4. Gamophobia: fear of marriage. The root word here is gamos meaning marriage.  The one who fears of getting married or being in a relationship; this individual fears commitment.

5. Tonitrophobia: fear of thunder. This is actually a phobic condition in which there is great, irrational fear of thunder and associated lightning even though there is just a little or no real threat at all. Typically, the victims of tonitrophobia or the fear of thunder are the children. Maybe because in a way children are more sensitive to horrifying or alarming sound like that of a thunder.

6. Agoraphobia : Fear of Open spaces. Agora is a Greek word for Open space.

7. Ephebiphobia: The word ephebiphobia is formed from the Greek (éphēbos), meaning “youth” or adolescent” .The coinage of this term is attributed to a 1994 article by Kirk Astroth published in Phi Delta Kappan.

8. Kakorrhaphiophobia: fear of failure. Who is not afraid of failure. It definitely is hard to fail but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.

9. Photophobia: fear of light. This person is afraid of light from any source. Even that tiny lamp light.

10. Technophobia: fear of technology. It is usually seen in old people who do not easily get used to technology not even telephones.

Post Contributed by Rabia Sehgal

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