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This post has one and only one focus: hair! Here we cover the different aspects of having hair, having a lot of hair, having no hair and losing the hair you have! We would also include the common hair-related medical issues that we face. Now you would have great words for your perplexing hair problems.

We can safely say this is a hairy-hairy post!

Some ‘HAIR’ Words:

1. Tonsure-It is the act of cutting of hair or shaving the head, partially or fully, usually as a part of a religious custom or rite to indicate the acceptance of a more austere and less proud lifestyle.The practice was a traditional custom in Christianity, to mark the preparation for entering priesthood, in Buddhist traditions for entering a monastic order and also in some Hindu streams.
2. Chaetophobia– An abnormal fear of hair. The fear may be associated with animal or human hair with the sufferers having fear of people/animals with an excess amount of hair. Some may also fear  the hair on their own body while some fear only fear detached or loose hair and not mind attached hair.
3. Hirsutism– It refers to the phenomenon of excessive growth of hair in those parts of woman’s body where terminal hair doesn’t usually occur or is minimum, such as the face, abdomen, back or chest creating a male pattern of hair. It is more of a medical sign than a disease, resulting from hormonal imbalance and sometimes can also affect men. And the word that is in general usage based on this phenomenon is hirsute.  It’s an adjective that simple means: Having or covered with hair.
4. TrichotillomaniaIt is the irresistible /compulsive urge to pull out one’s hair , sometimes leading to considerable hair loss and distress. Not much is known about the impulsive control disorder and the patients may pull out hair from areas such as scalps, eyelashes, eyebrows, arms, hands or public hair. Geez, we hope you don’t do this.
5. Xanthochroid– A xanthochroid is person having light colored hair and a yellowish/fair complexion. The word is also used to denote or designate people belonging to races having light colored hair and a fair complexion.
6. Trichomania– The word is formed by ‘tricho’ , from the Greek thrix, trichos meaning hair and mania is an excessive enthusiasm or desire for something. So, trichomania is an intense fascination for hair, generally a mania or passion for long hair.do you have it? All bald men have this mania for sure, a desire that cannot be fulfilled.
7. Coiffure– Originally the word meant hairstyle, but today it is used as a fancy word for a hairstyle/hairdo. It is used for a stylish and elaborate hairstyle (especially a woman’s hair ) and not just a simple one. The kind of hairdo you get by spending hours in front of the mirror , by arranging in an attractive style can be called a coiffure.
8. Hispidity– The quality or state of being rough covered with stiff hair, bristles or minute spines.
9. Pilosity– The word has it’s roots in the Latin Pilus, meaning hair and it refers to the state of being pilose , i.e. covered with hairs, especially soft ones. The word is used to connote excessive hairiness, furriness: some species of dogs suffer from this, to our pleasure.
10. Trichiasis– It is the medical term for a very common lid abnormality in which the eyelashes grow back towards the eye, tending to cause irritation to the cornea or conjunctiva, thereby scarring the cornea and may lead to vision loss. Trichiasis also refers to the condition of hair on the nasal fold irritating the eye. Ah, this must be painful.

Some added hair knowledge: Idioms based on the words hair

Let your hair down: let yourself go, relax, chill.
Make someone’s hair stand on end: terrify, shock, scare.
Not turn a hair: remain calm
Split hairs: quibble, find fault

P.s: We hope you know the difference between hair and here!

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