reading comprehensions for CAT

  • Reading comprehension involves a proof reading of a passage of about 300 – 1000 words and answering the questions that follow.
  • RC forms an important part of the verbal ability section. This section mainly focuses on to check the ability to understand the language and the underlying concept of the passage. The main focus should be to have a good command over the language as well as time management.
  • Make sure you attempt these passage on a regular basis and with complete seriousness.
  • Read the passage below and then answer the questions that follow.
  • Once you are finished, click the ‘Get Results’ button below. Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect.


Our awareness of time has reached such a pitch of intensity that we suffer acutely whenever our travels take us into some comer of the world where people are not interested in minutes and seconds. The unpunctually of the orient. for example is appalling to those who come freshly from a land of fixed meal-times and regular train services. For a modem American or Englishman. waiting is a psychological torture. An Indian accepts the blank hours with resignation. even with satisfaction. He has not lost the fine art of doing nothing. Our notion of time as a collection of minutes. each of which must be filled with some business or amusement. is wholly alien to the Greek. For the man who lives in a pre-industrial world. Time moves at a slow and easy pace; he does not care about each minute. For the good reason that he has not been made conscious of the existence of minutes.

SSC RC: Passage-4

Shaded items are complete.

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