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The word abrogate is a verb. It means to do away with or to repeal something. It is generally used when something is revoked or abolished formally.
It originated in early 16th century from the Latin word abrogat from the verb abrogare.

Pronunciation: ab-ruh-geyt

Meanings of Abrogate

1. To abolish or to annul by authority
2. Put an end to.

Master’s Tip to Learn Abrogate

The word Abrogate can be broken down into ab-rog-ate. Now remember its meaning using the word ‘rogue’. What do the authorities want to do with a rogue officer or agent, they want to abolish him, which is what the word abrogate means.

Sentence examples for Abrogate:

1. He associated himself with those who believe that Congress should abrogate the current tax law.
2. The banking officials were accused of trying to abrogate their duties.

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