picture vocabulary for absolveWhen you find out the meaning of this word, you will know the reason it is divine to forgive. With this you dissolve someone’s heartache of making a mistake into the balm of your kindness. It is a Verb.

Its first usage dates back to 15th century and it has originated from two words .i.e. ab, which means from and ‘solvere’, which means to loosen.

Pronunciation: ab-zolv, –solv

The dictionary definitions for absolve are as follows:
1) To free a person of an obligation or a responsibility
2) To free a person from guilt with forgiveness
3) To forgive someone for a mistake/sin

Mater tip to learn absolve:
Absolve is near to solve not only in the sound, but also very near to the meaning of solve. Well, figuratively at least. When you solve someone’s problem, you free that person from a worry and when you absolve someone, you free that person too from either a responsibility or guilt.

Absolve can be used in following ways:
1) You should absolve people for hurting you; it effects you in the end. (Verb)
2) He was absolved of all the responsibilities by his boss. (Verb)
3) His sin was not absolvable. (Adjective)
4) His absolvent behaviour was a proof that he had forgiven himself. (Noun) (Adjective)
5) You become the absolver, when you forgive someone. (Noun)

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