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There are certain things in life that are very hard  to understand. Let us take a few examples. For some, mathematics is very difficult to understand so for them it becomes an abstruse subject. For others, world matters of wealth and money are hard to fathom and decipher so for those individuals economic systems are abstruse systems. And for some it is extremely hard to understand why they were spurned and rejected by their lover. For these individuals, love is an abstruse subject (these would be the most common of all the categories we have mentioned).

The dictionary definitions for abstruse are as follows:
1. hard to understand; recondite; esoteric: abstruse theories.

Masters Tip to remember Abstruse:
picture for abstruse

Just keep a simple relation in mind to learn this word. We all fall in love and find the emotion very hard to understand, for love is a confusing subject.

Usage Examples for Abstruse:
1. The subject is too abstruse for anyone to understand, and it is better that it is left alone.
2. The machinations for agriculture in the budget this year seem abstruse for the layman to understand them.
3. Abstruse problems in mathematics are very common

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