That hard to cycle road that ascents upwards, where you keep exhausting your energy to gain momentum to enjoy a smooth ride downwards is called acclivity.

The mental imagery of a road sign is the easiest to recall, as demonstrated here, symbolizes acclivity, quite tiresome when waiting on a rollercoaster, but very rewarding as a form of a progress graph.

Acclivity carries the following dictionary definitions:
1. An upward slope, especially from the ground
2. An ascend

Master tips for Acclivity:
Acclivity evolved from the word activity. Remember acclivity, as activity and hopefully the activity you are pursuing shall be progressive and reaching new heights, or ascending, hence the meaning an activity upward.

Usage examples of Acclivity:
1. The resort rests peacefully on the step acclivity of the mountain.
2. The kid rode his skateboard of the acclivity of the hand rail.

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