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The word symbolic of power, prominence and above all prosperity: Affluent.

It signifies riches to the extent that one no longer needs to worry for money in life, a dreamlike state that all mortals aspire to at a certain stage of life (exception to the rule: saints and sages).

Affluent is also used for the tributaries of a river. Tributaries are small rivers that flow into the main river. Perhaps, this is the place from which the word derives its main meaning:  flowing in money or wealth.

The dictionary definitions for affluent are as follows:

1. Generously supplied with money, property, or possessions; prosperous or rich. (adjective)

2. Plentiful; abundant. (adjective)

3. Flowing freely; copious. (adjective)

4. A stream or river that flows into a larger one; a tributary. (noun)

5. A person who is well-off financially. (noun)

Masters Tip to remember Affluent:


Recall the richest person you know. He may be a friend, a friend’s father, a relative or even you could be the richest person you know (the chances of this happening are very less). The one word you would use to describe this person for sure would be AFFLUENT.

Usage Examples for Affluent:

1. The last year has in general seen a reduction in affluence, and the rich seem to have gone down a little quieter in their celebrations.

2. The difference between the schools in the affluent areas of the city and the ones in the poor ones is alarming and shocking.

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