Picture for aloofAloof means to remain at a distance which may either be physically or emotionally. An aloof person generally comes across as indifferent or disinterested. It can be used as an adverb or an adjective. The first usage of Aloof has been traced back to 1608.

Pronunciation: uh-loof

Meanings of Aloof

1. To remain at a distance
2. Reserved or shy
3. Indifferent or disinterested
4. Not desiring to associate with others

Master’s Tip to Learn Aloof

Aloof is pretty easy to learn as it can be related to the word Alone. Usually the shy kids in school and college remain indifferent from others and come across as aloof from the rest of their class.

Sentence Examples for Aloof:

1. Most of the people he meets think he is polite; however he sometimes comes across as being aloof to some of them. (Adjective)
2. Being the teacher’s pets, they always stood aloof from their class. (Adverb)
3. He has always remained aloof from rest of the children; as a result he does not have much of a social life. (Adverb)

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