Picture for AmeliorateAmeliorate is a verb. It means to make something more satisfactory or to rise to a more desirable state than it was in before. Ameliorate is derived from the Latin melior, “better” which refers to making something better. The first known usage of this word dates back to 1656.

Pronunciation: uh-meel-yuh-reyt

Meanings of Ameliorate

1. To make or grow better or bearable.
2. to raise to a more desirable or more excellent condition than before.
3. To make more desirable or satisfactory than before.

Master’s Tip to Learn Ameliorate

Ameliorate can be learnt very easily by connecting it to the movie Amélie, where the girl Amélie improves everyone’s life by helping them out in whatever way she can.

Sentence Examples for Ameliorate:

1. Try this medicine; it should help ameliorate the pain.
2. The Indian government has gone into damage control mode to try and ameliorate the free falling stock market.
3. The situation in Jammu and Kashmir has ameliorated over the years.
4. Successful people from all walks of life have come together and decided to start a charity to help ameliorate the condition of Earthquake affected families in Haiti.

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