Picture for ArchaicArchaic means primitive and old. It refers to something that pertains to an earlier time, something that was commonly used earlier but is rare in present day. Remember the words like ‘thee’, ‘thou’ used in poems that we studied in school, they are now considered archaic. Its origin dates back to 1825-35 and was derived from the Greek word archaïkós.

Pronunciation: ahr-key-ik

Meanings of Archaic

1. No longer used or applied
2. Characteristic of a much earlier, often more primitive period, especially one that develops into a classical stage of civilization
3. Forming the earliest stage; prior to full development

Master’s Tip to Learn Archaic

Archaic can be related to archive which is a collection of old things. It can also be related to archaeology which is the study of old things.

Sentence Examples for Archaic:

1. Jurassic Park movie portrays the various archaic forms of life.
2. The narrow-minded village people still follow the archaic traditions of sati.
3. At one time the limit to human population was based on archaic technology.

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