Picture for AscendThe word ‘Ascend’ means to go up or rise higher than the current position. It is also used sometimes to show someone moving up the ranks in government or corporate offices.
It was first used in 1378 and has been derived from the Latin word ascendere.

Pronunciation: uh-send

Meanings of Ascend

1. To move climb or go upward.
2. To occupy a higher position.

Master’s Tip to Learn Ascend

Remember how we were taught ascend and descend as a pair of opposites in school. Though not the easiest way to learn but learning ascend as an antonym to descend certainly makes it meaning more relatable and easier to recall.

Sentence examples for Ascend:

1. They watched their balloons slowly ascending into the sky.
2. Several paths ascended to the top of the mountain.
3. A new national government ascended to power.

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