Picture for AttestThe word attest is a verb and it means to show that something is true or valid specially in a format written statement.
The word was first used back in 1591 and has been derived from the Latin word attestari.

Pronunciation: uh-test

Meanings of Attest

1. To show that something exists or is true or valid.
2. To certify by signature or oath

Master’s Tip to Learn Attest

Remember how during your college or school admission days you had to get your documents attested by a gazetted officer in order to be able to submit them for consideration. Those were done so to authenticate their validity or genuineness.

Sentence examples for Attest:

1. She attested to the fact that she saw the murder being committed.
2. In order to be able to prove your identity you need to get these documents attested by a high ranking official.

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