Picture for Au courantAu Courant is a French word where au means ‘in the’ and courant means ‘current’, thus, au courant meaning ‘in the current’ that is, up-to-date and well informed on current affairs. It is used as an adjective and its comparative and superlative degrees are more au courant and most au courant respectively.

Pronunciation: oh koo-rahN

Meanings of Au Courant

1. Up-to-date
2. Being up to particular standard or level
3. Informed on current affairs; fully familiar

Master’s Tip to Learn Au Courant

One can remember the meaning of Au Courant by relating ‘courant’ to ‘current’ as both of them sound close to each other. Therefore it would mean having all the current details.

Sentence Examples for Au Courant:

1. Constant revision of members’ details helps keep the records au courant.
2. It is very important to stay au courant with the various developments in the country.
3. The au courant teacher informed his students of the new technologies in their field.

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