picture for austereThese days there has been a lot of talk about austerity measures in the European countries to offset the bleak economic climate prevailing in those countries. Austere means severe in manner or appearance. It is used as an adjective and is synonymous with uncompromising and strict. Its origin dates back to 1300-50 when it was derived from the Latin word austērus.

Pronunciation: aw-steer

Meanings of Austere

1. Severely simple; without ornament; not extravagant or gaudy
2. Without excess, ease or luxury
3. Rigorously self-disciplined and strictly moral

Master’s Tip to Learn Austere

The meaning of the word austere is pretty easy to recall as it rhymes with severe, which is also the meaning of austere. Just imagine a situation: severely austere! What kind of austerity would be this be? One that takes simplicity and renunciation to an all-together different dimension. It would means a lifestyles where frugality would be the norm. This situation (though unintentionally) is often induced in society by the wretched hands of poverty. If only this could be avoided by mankind..:(

Sentence Examples for Austere:

1. His manner and swagger were both austere and organized.
2. The headmistress was an austere old woman.
3. They lived an austere life in the country.

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