picture vocabulary for automatonIt’s imminent that you would become a robot or a mechanised device if you spend more time on Facebook or computer and spend less time with human beings. It is a Noun


Its first usage dates back to 1605-15. In Latin it means an automatic device and has been derived from a Greek word, neuter of automatos, which means a person acting without any human agency.

Pronunciation: aw-tomuh-ton, -tn

The dictionary definitions for automaton are as follows:
1) Robot or a mechanical figure built to act on its own
2) A person that behaves in a robotic manner or in other words lives without any change in routine for many days.
3) An automatic device .i.e. acting automatically/on its own mechanically

Master tip to learn automaton:
Automaton, after knowing the meaning in an instant invokes the image of a robot. And, if you are an avid follower of terminators or movies like Robo Cop then, this word will not be hard to come by.  No offenses, if calling terminator a robot was an insult.

Automaton can be used in the following ways:
1) He created automaton/automatons (plural) as a project in his college. (Noun)
2) He behaves in no way less than automaton, as he spends invariably 18 hours in front of the computer. (Noun)
3) They own an automaton rug cleaner. (Noun)
4) It is an automatous. (Adjective)

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