Picture for Aversion The word ‘Aversion’ means a strong feeling of dislike r antipathy towards something or someone.
It was first used back around 1590 and has been derived from the Latin word aversion.

Pronunciation: uh-vur-zhuhn

Meanings of Aversion

1. The avoidance of a thing, situation, or behavior
2. A fixed, intense dislike
3. A cause or object of dislike

Master’s Tip to Learn Aversion

The word ‘Aversion’ can be broken into ‘averse+ion’. When you are averse to something, you dislike it and hence aversion means the feeling of dislike under such situations.

Sentence examples for Aversion:

1. He has a clinical aversion to people with superiority complexes.
2. Aversion to false conspiracy theories must never turn into myopia about the possibility of wrongdoing.
3. It was with great aversion that she agreed to go with him.

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