picture for belligerentBeing hostile towards anyone or anything will tag you as belligerent. It is an adjective and a noun as well. Its first usage dates back to 1570-80.

Pronunciation: buh-lij-er-uhnt

Meanings of Bristle:

1) One that is hostile (noun)
2) Someone eager to fight (adjective)
3) Waging war (adjective)

Master’s tip to learn belligerent:

Belligerent can be leant easily by associating it with one person you know who is brawly when he drinks. It means he is belligerent when overpowered with alcohol.

Sentence Examples for Belligerent

1) He was belligerent towards his son. (Adjective)
2) His behaviour always has belligerent undertones. (Adjective)
3) Being a belligerent he refused to bow down. (Noun)
4) He pounced on his opponents belligerently. (Adverb)

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