Picture for blase

Picture for blase

We often get bored after listening to a song over and over again and become indifferent to it. We can say that we have become blasé to that song. Blasé means indifferent to or unconcerned about something because of frequent exposure to it. It is an adjective.
Blasé is a French word and its first known usage has been traced back to 1819.

Pronunciation: blah-zey, blah-zey

Meanings of Blasé

1. Indifferent to something because of over indulgence
2. Apathetic to worldly pleasures
3. Nonchalantly unconcerned

Master’s Tip to Learn Blasé

Blasé sounds close to the word blast. Blast can be related to it by thinking that whenever someone gets bored with something by doing it almost every day, they’re forced to go out to have a blast.

Sentence Examples for Blasé:

1. His blasé attitude towards their marriage was the reason for their falling apart.
2. People often become blasé about their parents when they reach old age.
3. It is not healthy to develop a blasé attitude towards your studies at this stage of your career.

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